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The popularity of CBD oil is steadily increasing due to its medicinal value. The most well-known cannabinoid found in cannabis is THC, which is psychoactive and works in the exact opposite way to CBD.

There are already many people, including researchers and caregivers, who have discovered that CBD oil is completely safe to consume, both for adults and children. In December 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) also recognized CBD as a safe product thanks to its medical effects on many health problems. Despite this, more research is needed. The main reason why this product is growing in popularity is of course that it has so many health benefits. More and more people have started or are already using CBD oil as a natural dietary supplement.

How do I use CBD oil?

While some people use CBD oil as a regular dietary supplement, others use it for sleep problems, stress, mood swings, anxiety or appetite problems. CBD oil also helps relieve certain symptoms associated with serious diseases, such as cancer, where it relieves the side effects of chemotherapy, increases appetite and helps improve sleep. CBD oil has analgesic effects and strengthens our immune system and our body in general. A healthy and rested body is more resilient, which often affects the mood in a positive way. This explains why sleep problems often lead to increased stress.

Different ways of taking CBD

CBD oil is available in various forms: in liquid form, such as capsules, creams, sprays, skin creams, ointments and for e-cigarettes. In this way, you can choose the form and method that suits you best. The basic idea of ​​all methods is to ensure that the oil is easily absorbed by your system and gives the desired result.

Choosing a specific form of CBD oil depends on many factors, such as your optimal dose, your personal circumstances, the result you want to achieve or how long the effect should be. Therefore, there is no general rule on how to use CBD oil products.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, most people prefer CBD oil in non-smoking forms.

When CBD oil is ingested by mouth, it takes a while before it works, between 15 and 30 minutes, and it can activate effects that last for more than a couple of hours. As previously mentioned, it depends on what you prefer and on the desired effect.

Also keep in mind that CBD (cannabidiol) oil is complex and can cause different effects depending on the person, as we all react differently. The result and effect also depend on many other factors such as age, weight, diet, physical activity, etc.

The effect of CBD oil also varies depending on your body’s ability to assimilate the important components (cannabinoids).

Which method is best for me?

You can take CBD in various forms such as oil, capsules, skin cream, chewing gum, suppositories and even as an ingredient in food and drink that you eat every day.

If you have a sensitive stomach, then CBD oil as suppositories is a good option. They can also be used for severe menstrual cramps. Because CBD oil is completely natural and comes directly from nature, it has no negative effects, which painkillers often have.

However, due to the cleansing effect that CBD oil has on the body, milder side effects can occur during the first two weeks such as dizziness, mild headache, flu-like symptoms and nausea.

During the initial phase, some users also experience that CBD oil has a cleansing effect on the gastrointestinal tract. This is due to the chlorophyll, the plant’s pigment, which gives it its green color and which plays a crucial role in photosynthesis.

It is also worth knowing that CBD oil can be obtained in many ways. It is recommended to check that the CBD oil has been extracted using the CO2 method, which is the cleanest and safest. This does not mean that the other methods do not work, but if solvents such as butane are used, toxic residues can be left behind if the process is not carried out in controlled conditions.

Another way to take CBD oil is in cream form, by either placing it in your mouth with your finger or under your tongue, or even mixing it with food or drink. Many people prefer this method because they can then consume the oil in public places in a discreet and easy way.

CBD oil is available with different amounts of CBD, the content depends on the desired result. In this way, the effects are achieved in a faster and easier way. At Arktis Naturals we offer a variety of  CBD oil strengths ranging from 500mg to 3000mg.

If you suffer from muscle or joint pain, you can use special CBD products to relieve it such as our Muscle & Joint Balm. All you need to do is apply skin cream or ointment with CBD oil on the skin or the painful area. Skin creams and ointments with CBD oil are created because of their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, and help people suffering from diseases such as arthritis and psoriasis.

How much should I take?

This is a question that many beginners ask and which is difficult to answer because CBD oil is complex and affects each person differently, as we have already mentioned.

The result and effect also depend on many factors such as age, weight, diet, physical activity, etc.

CBD has beneficial effects on many health problems, but there is no standard dose for intake.

We are all different and so are our bodies, for that reason only you can adjust the right dose, depending on how you feel and what effect you want.

First take low doses and carefully observe the result.

Instead of taking high doses, it is recommended to take small doses during the day and according to your needs. Keep the same schedule and dosage for a few days to see if it works for you.

If the desired result is not achieved, you can gradually increase the dose. This should always be done in a moderate and responsible way, without taking too much at once.

Small doses have a stimulating effect, while high doses have a calming effect. So you have to keep an eye on how you react to the oil and your body has to feel good.

Keep in mind that the effect varies and depends on your body’s ability to assimilate the healthy properties (cannabinoids) from the hemp plant.

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