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The time is takes for CBD oil to work is individual to each person. Some CBD oils take longer to work than others and you might want to consider which one is best for you. It’s a good idea to check out which CBD oil might give you the best results. Hopefully by the end of this article we have made it easier for you to choose the product that is best suited for you.

How Does CBD Work In The Body?

The human body contains a specialised system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is an important signalling pathway that regulates stress, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. While THC and CBD have the same molecular structure, slight differences in the arrangement of their atoms impart very different effects on the ECS.

THC is known for producing psychoactive effects in the body through the activation of two receptors in the central nervous system called CB1 and CB2. The activation of these receptors triggers physiological processes across multiple organ systems, most notably the release of neurotransmitters from the central nervous system that impart the psychoactive effects associated with feeling “high”.

CBD binds to CB1 and CB2 at a much slower rate than THC, which results in the activation of similar physiological processes without the psychoactive or “high” effects. These physiologic effects make CBD promising for clinical benefits.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

CBD products come in a variety of different strengths, ranging from 300mg to around 2,500mg. The dosage of CBD you use, and the time you take it, will depend on several factors. These factors include your weight, personal body chemistry, and the nature of your condition. What works for others may not work for you. It is advised to start with a low dosage and gradually increase it until you find something that works for you. It is important to read the instructions and follow them correctly.

How To Take CBD Oil

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are available in the form of lotion, balms and oils. Applying it straight onto the body allows it to be absorbed quickly, giving a nice calming effect while also working as a pain reliever.  Because CBD topicals usually combine beneficial ingredients such as menthol, glycerin, tea tree oil, olive oil aloe, etc., they may help relieve some skin conditions and provide soothing effects. 

CBD balms and lotions are popular with athletes, as they are designed to target aches and pains directly. For help with mental health issues, we recommend other forms of CBD oil.

CBD Oil Tincture

The most popular method of consuming CBD is through CBD oil drops. Applying a few drops of oil under your tongue in the morning or before bed at night allows for maximum benefit. Tinctures seem to provide the fastest results, and that’s due to sublingual blood vessels allowing the compound to make a shortcut to the bloodstream. However, body chemistry, health conditions, and other factors play a role in how CBD can affect a consumer. If you need relief from stress, anxiety, depression or have sleep related problems, then you may benefit most from CBD oils or capsules.

CBD Oil In Food

When CBD oil is mixed with food, it is virtually tasteless.

When CBD is taken with food, it needs to go through the digestive system, so its outcome may be delayed than those from tinctures, but they will provide similar results. The body takes longer to absorb the CBD but it should still be processed within 45 minutes to an hour. Taking CBD oil in food is therefore reasonably quick and offers convenience over other methods.

CBD Oil Capsules

CBD capsules are a good option because they provide a specific, fixed dose, so there is no need to worry about taking the correct dosage. They can be mixed with other ingredients, which should improve the effectiveness of the CBD. You can also take capsules on an empty stomach. This will speed up the process and you shouldn’t have to wait more than half an hour for them to take effect.

How Quickly Does CBD Work For Stress And Anxiety?

Experts believe that CBD’s potential benefits for depression are related to its positive effect on serotonin receptors in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, which plays an important role in your mental health. For those that suffer from anxiety, using CBD may also promote relaxation and tranquillity.

The most popular method of consuming CBD for anxiety is through CBD oil drops. Applying a few drops of oil under your tongue in the morning or before bed at night allows for maximum benefit. The reason that most choose to use the oil is due to that there are hundreds of capillaries under the tongue and applying the drops sublingually allows the CBD to be absorbed straight into the bloodstream. You should feel the effects within 30 minutes.

How Long Does It Take CBD Oil To Work For Muscle Pain?

One of the best features of CBD is that it can have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and help target your inflamed and aching muscles, as well as stiff joints. Try using a balm or lotion if you are looking for relief from physical pain. CBD oil is applied directly to the affected area but may take several hours over the day to work fully. Balms and lotions are particularly popular among athletes as it allows them to specifically target their aching muscles and joints.

How Quickly Does CBD Oil Help With Sleep?

CBD is a popular treatment for insomnia and studies suggest that CBD can increase feelings of calm, help with muscle relaxation, decrease acute pain, and have anti-inflammatory effects – all of which may help with a better night’s sleep.

These benefits allow the body and mind to rest and get a night of uninterrupted sleep without any grogginess upon waking the next day. 

The majority of CBD users try to take CBD oil around 30 minutes before bed-time. The best option for convenience and speed are to use capsules, tinctures or oil.


There are several factors that could affect how long CBD oil takes to work in the body. These factors include how often you take CBD, your height and weight, the severity of the condition you’re treating and the strength of the product you are taking. In addition, how you take your CBD will impact the time in which you start feeling the effects. CBD oil may be ingested with food or as a tincture, which provides relief faster. It may also be applied directly onto your skin as a balm or lotion. Some CBD oils take longer to work than others and you might want to consider which one is best for you.

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