Our Story

Welcome to Arktis Naturals! Founded in 2021 by us, two Swedish brothers with a deep-rooted passion for wellness, Arktis Naturals is more than just a brand; it’s a personal journey. As a former Chelsea FC football player and a dedicated fitness enthusiast, we’ve always been driven by a desire to optimize our minds and bodies, and to find better, healthier ways to recover from the rigors of sports and manage the lingering pain from old injuries.

Our experience in the world of sports exposed us to the limitations of traditional pain management methods. We felt firsthand the side effects of relying on painkillers, which led us to a pivotal realization: there must be a more natural, sustainable way to support our bodies. That’s when Arktis Naturals was born.

Our mission with Arktis Naturals has been deeply personal from the start. We’re not just another CBD company; we’re committed to helping others optimize their minds and bodies, and find long-term wellness through nature’s gifts. We’re dedicated to providing the most powerful natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, and our approach is simple: target the root cause, not just the symptoms.

What makes Arktis Naturals unique is the story behind our products and our commitment to excellence, transparency and integrity in every aspect of our product journey. We’ve carefully crafted each product with premium hemp and scientifically backed ingredients, infusing them with the lessons learned from our own struggles and triumphs. Our distinctiveness lies in offering the world’s most tested, certified and effective CBD, nootropics and mushroom products. We stick to ethical and sustainable sourcing practices, ensuring our products not only meet but exceed rigorous testing standards. Every product we offer undergo thorough triple-lab and batch testing, guaranteeing the highest quality of CBD with no THC. We proudly display detailed laboratory reports and certificates for each product on our website, showcasing our dedication to quality and the trust we place in what we create.

We invite you to join our journey. Arktis Naturals isn’t just about selling products; it’s about sharing a part of our lives with you. Whether you’re familiar with CBD or curious to try it, our range is designed with your diverse needs in mind. Let’s explore the path to wellness together!