Premium Gua Sha Massage Tool


Gua Sha is a massage tool used to stimulate the skin, reduce tension and increase blood circulation in the face and body. This is a practice originating in traditional Chinese medicine. In combination with Arktis Naturals Muscle & Joint Balm, scrape stone over aching muscles & joints in sweeping motions to relieve tensions.

Made from Black Obsidian Stone and comes with a drawstring bag.

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How to use

Apply your favorite Arktis Naturals Muscle & Joint Balm product on the skin and scrape Gua Sha over the skin with concave edges to increase blood flow and circulation to the area. Focus on specific areas that need directional relief, for a few minutes each. This can be repeated several times a day.

Trusted for centuries, the Gua Sha stone is believed to have many benefits. These include: increased circulation and blood flow to body areas, lymph drainage and decreased tension by relaxing muscles and skin.