Our Story

Arktis Naturals was designed with athletes in mind. Created by two Swedish brothers, one of them a former Chelsea FC player, after they both experienced the benefits of CBD.

Being involved in sports their whole lives, they always looked for better ways to improve their recovery and performance, as well as cope with the pains and aches of old injuries. Although the methods of pain management they used were effective, they also came with a few negative side effects, short and long term.

After hearing several professional athletes speak openly and highly of the amazing benefits that CBD had on their recovery and overall health, they had to try it for themselves. They were amazed by the results.

When searching for the best CBD oil on the market, they discovered that many CBD brands have traces of THC in them, a banned substance in sports. They saw this as an opportunity to create something unique and suitable for their professions.

Through a lot of effort, time and help from the best in the business, they developed a product designed specifically for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to take CBD safely and with peace of mind. Arktis Naturals is now used worldwide by professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and anybody looking to improve their body.

Join us on our journey, and experience the incredible benefits of Arktis Naturals. Whether you’ve experienced CBD before or you want to try it for the first time, Arktis Naturals offers a variety of products specifically for your needs.